D.O.T. Background Check

Background Testing

Fas-Tes® has 50 different types of background checks and can also perform DOT background checks.  We will set up a custom solution to perform a cafeteria style background check where you can pick and choose what types of back ground checks you desire for your company.

Fas-Tes® can order Pre-employment background screening to help your company research whether a job candidate has the experience and proper credentials needed to be productive in your employment. Taking this step can cut down your chances of employee theft, increase  security, decrease employee turnover, lessen employee absenteeism and even create peace of mind.

Call Fas-Tes® about combining a drug test, a background check and a physical for an optimal employers solution on one consolidated invoice and make Fas-Tes® your 3 in 1 vendor of choice!

Examples of background checks available:

Alias Names

Civil Records

Consumer Credit Report

County Criminal Record Check

DOT Verifications of Employment

Education Verifications

Employment Verifications

Federal Criminal Record Check

Government Data Repositories

I-9 Verification

International Screening

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

National Criminal Database Search

National Sex Offender Registry

Professional Reference

Professional License Verifications

Social Security Number Trace

Statewide Criminal Record Check

Terrorism Watch Search

Workers Compensation History

Quickly Screen Your Applicant's DOT Background History At Fas-Tes®!

Fas-Tes® has two option available for entering background checks:

1. Fas-Tes® can enter the appropriate information of each candidate that your company wishes to screen. This works well for lower volume clients that have a few dozen back ground checks to run per month

2. Fas-Tes® can set up the ability for your company to perform background checks with your own private log in account and automatic invoicing. This works well if your company has a high volume of back ground checks each month or if you just want the control to perform background checks as needed in house.

(Either option is available and only requires that a form is signed by each applicant authorizing a check to be performed.)


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