D.O.T. Drug Testing

D.O.T. Random Drug Testing


Need help starting a DOT compliant drug and alcohol testing program? 

     If your business is searching for help starting a DOT drug and alcohol testing program, but just don’t know where to start then you have come to the right place. Fas-Tes® staff members are ready to be your FREE resource for gaining a full understanding of what is needed to have a full fledged DOT drug testing program.

If your company does not have a DOT drug testing policy, then this is the best place to start. Before drug screening any candidate always make sure you have a signed policy in place between your company and your employee. This is the rule book on what testing procedures will be in place and what will occur with your employees specimens submitted for drug screening. Fas-Tes® will create a customized DOT drug testing policy for your company that mirrors the Department of Transportation standards in accordance with 49 CFR Part 40 of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s drug and alcohol testing procedures.

 Need help managing your company DOT drug and alcohol program?

     Fas-Tes® can select your DOT random drug testing candidates through our Randomizer Drug Testing Software and keep your company out of the DOT random candidate selection process.  This will keep your company from appearing to pick on employees for drug testing because it will be performed by a third party source. We will also help you keep track of current and expiring medical examiner certificates. Annually a company DOT drug testing program must select and test 50% of their DOT employees in the calendar year ending in December. Fas-Tes® will randomly select 12.5% of your eligible DOT staff members for drug testing on a quarterly basis to reach the 50% regulation. In addition, Fas-Tes® will randomly select 10% of your eligible DOT employees for a DOT alcohol screen, in accordance with DOT regulations requiring that 10% of employees are tested within the calendar year ending in December. For companies with less than 50 employees the cost is minimal for a random drug and alcohol testing program for one year.


D.O.T. Services & D.O.T. Programs Available:

  • DOT Random Drug Testing Program
  • DOT Alcohol Screening Program
  • Customized DOT Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • DOT Pre Employment Drug Testing
  • DOT Random Drug Screens
  • DOT “For Cause” Drug Tests
  • DOT Follow Up Drug Testing
  • DOT Post Accident Drug Screens
  • DOT Physicals
  • DOT Background Checks
  • DOT 5 Panel NIDA Urine Drug Testing
  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • On site Mobile DOT Drug Screens
  • GC-MS DOT Drugs Tests
  • D.O.T. Drug Test
  • Department of Transportation Drug Test
  • Department of Transportation Alcohol Test

D.O.T. Drug Testing And Alcohol Screening

At Fas-Tes®

Here at Fas-Tes® Drug Testing, we have made it easy for human resource departments, small businesses and large corporations to have a thorough D.O.T. drug and alcohol screening program. Fas-Tes® offers a comprehensive range of laboratory services and utilizes the nation’s leading laboratories for a DOT five panel drug test urinalysis.  All DOT urinalysis services offered are provided by laboratories that are fully accredited, certified, and licensed by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the US Department of Health and Human Services. All laboratory based testing adheres to strict custody and control procedures

Our niche' and specialty are crystal clear,

Fas-Tes® is committed to:

  1. Having the cleanest and friendliest drug testing facility in our industry
  2. Having the highest level of professional customer service
  3. Having the shortest wait times- Typically a DOT drug testing candidate will only spend 10 minutes total at our facility including wait time.
  4. Having the quickest results reporting times- Typically negative DOT drug screen results are sent to the employer within 24 hours of the candidates visit to Fas-Tes® Drug Testing. Positive results are sent for automatic confirmation and could take an additional 72 hours to receive results.
  5. Having the lowest, most competitive and affordable pricing for DOT drug and alcohol testing
  Fas-Tes® will give you a FREE tour of our facility to show you up close and personal the differences between our stellar services and our competitors. We strive to please our clients and make every individual that walks through our door our highest priority. Please feel free to call us and use us a resource to build your drug testing program!


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